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Interview with Bennett Awards Designer Mollee Johnston

What kind of background do you have (art, graphic design, etc) that brought you to Bennett Awards?

Radio advertising sales which included writing copy for the ads – branding, jingles, and delivery. Working with on air talent/client relations. Retail sales. Life coaching – ideas turned into action.

What is your favorite part of the custom award design process?

Being able to turn images, thoughts and company recognition themes into 3-D art. It’s also about having FUN knowing we are in the business to recognize individual(s) and their accomplishments.

Is there is particular award you created that you’re especially proud of?

Friskies, Arma, Ecosheild, PJM, Readerlink, WBS – any one of these has the common theme that marries their idea, branding and company image and name with what we do best.

If you could design a custom award for a particular company or event what would it be and why?

Working with a client a common award design produced in a variety of sizes, including a monument. Infiltrating the company with high quality sculptures for people to display as artwork, not just an everyday award. Google, more Facebook, CMA!!

Have you noticed any trends among customers when it comes to what they want in their award design?

More people seem to be seeking true art. It’s a challenge to keep them focused on getting what they want which comes with an appropriate price. I’m also getting more customers who do not know exactly what they want and need ideas to help match their vision. It’s wonderful to brainstorm freely, and develop a mutual trust with the client that leaves room for real creativity.