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Custom Cut Metal Awards: Simply Beautiful

Although “to fabricate” means “to invent or concoct (something), typically with deceitful intent,” there is nothing deceitful about a fabricated award.  Fabricated awards are hand-produced one award at a time, unlike sculpture awards which are created using a traditional casting process.  Fabricated awards are made using a variety of materials, including metal, wood, glass, plastic, and more. Because they do not require a mold, fabricated awards often have a shorter lead time than sculptural awards, and can be more cost-effective because the creation process is shorter, making them great for organization in a time-crunch or on a tight budget.

One of the most popular types of fabricated awards is a custom-cut metal award. These unique awards and trophies are created by using a high-precision laser or waterjet to cut custom designed images and shapes from large sheets of high-quality steel. Laser-cut images can take virtually any shape you desire, ranging from realistic images to abstract shapes. These images may be in the shape of your logo, your mascot, or an image that conveys the personality or brand identity of your event of organization.

These awards can be created in an endless variety and combination of colors. For instance, a custom-cut metal award could include a colorized company logo or picture that would not be easy to incorporate into another type of award. For instance, Bentley Motors commissioned Bennett Awards to create a custom-cut metal award inspired by the company logo. These trophies employed multiple layers of different laser-cut metals, each with contrasting color and texture, to “expose” the Bentley logo. Custom-cut metal awards can be easily created in any size, ranging from a small medallion to large, architectural-size images that can be mounted on a wall or displayed in a lobby. The dimensions of these custom-cut metal awards can also be customized, so you can either have awards that have a very thin profile, or awards that have a thick, multi-dimensional profile created by combining multiple layers or pieces of metal. These different shaped layers of varying color create added dimension and richness in the award. Stacked layers can be used to accentuate images, such as a logo, or words, such as an organizational tagline.

Custom-cut metal awards can be relatively flat awards, with the primary information and images conveyed on their front- and back-sides, or they can be totally 3D, with images that vary from any viewing angle. By combining different, uniquely cut images and joining them at multiple angles, it’s possible to create very engaging, distinctive custom award designs.

When you compare the time and complicated process it takes to make a bronze or pewter sculpture award, as beautiful as the final product may be, you can see why some organization might opt for a custom-cut metal award. The design is still highly customizable, and you can even get the same 3D design of a metal award, but the turn-around time is much shorter and ultimately more cost-effective for organizations that might be working with a smaller budget. Custom-cut metal awards are no less beautiful or meaningful than any other kind of custom recognition award; they are just a little simpler to create.