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Using Achievement Awards to Celebrate Your Employees

Receiving an achievement award because of their skills, or as a way to celebrate a unique accomplishment, can bring a lot of excitement and joy into your employees’ lives. An achievement award serves as a long-lasting memento, reminding your employees that you honor and respect their individual achievements and accomplishments. At the end of the day we all want to feel appreciated and valued by our employers and a corporate award is one way of letting your team know you respect and value their hard work.

Employee achievement awards can be presented for an unlimited number of events or occasions including work-related accomplishments (like Top Seller or Best in Customer Service), academic achievements (celebrating your employee’s recent degree or certification), personal or organizational milestones (such as ten years of service), or humanitarian efforts (like being a dedicated volunteer for the local animal shelter). Many companies have created these annual achievement awards and trophies to encourage employees to perform at their full potential throughout the whole year (or perhaps quarter), creating a set list of guidelines employees can follow in order to win and be recognized. Some achievement awards are created to help boost employee morale, hopefully resulting in increased dedication, satisfaction, and productivity. Achievement awards can also be presented to employees as a simple but significant way of saying “thank you” for a job well done.

Many times these achievement awards are presented to employees at highly visible company meetings and events, but even a smaller, internal ceremony shows your employees that you recognize and are grateful for their hard work and contributions. You don’t have to go all out and host your own version of the Emmys when presenting these achievement awards because at the end of the day it’s not about the show, it’s about the employees receiving the awards. You are celebrating them, not the award itself!

To make them extra special, employee achievement awards can be customized to include your company name and logo, the name of the recipient, and any other special detail, such as the name of the award or the purpose behind it. By adding a personalized engraving, you can make your employee achievement award speak directly to the accomplishments and achievements of the recipient. For instance, The Lucky Brand Rivet Award is part of a monthly peer-to-peer recognition program at the Lucky Brand corporate office. Individuals are nominated by their peers and a new recipient is chosen each month. The recipient’s name, along with the month they received the award, are engraved in the lower portion of the medallions. The Diageo Partner of the Year corporate award is presented to the company partner whose holistic performance best embraces the three pillars of Diageo’s strategy: Amazing Relationships, Great Times Great Experiences, and Enriching Communities. The awards design is based on the famous Johnnie Walker “Striding Man” icon and each year the winner’s name is engraved on the black marble base.

Your employee or corporate achievement awards can serve as a physical representation of your employee’s success. And custom achievement awards are more like works of art than a regular trophy, the kind of thing you would proudly display on your shelf or desk. Achievement awards not only contribute in boosting morale, they also provide inspiration and motivation for future performance and good deeds.