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Concrete Bases: An Alternative Base Option

The majority of bases we create for our awards are made from marble or wood. For the majority of award projects, these are an excellent choice, and a great complement to the sculpture award or fabricated award that is mounted on top of them.

Concrete Base for Custom Award Created for LAFARGE

Concrete Base for Custom Award Created for LAFARGE

For some custom awards, however, a concrete base may be a more appropriate alternative. For clients looking for an "industrial" look, or for those in the building or construction industry, a concrete base may be the best choice.

We can create custom concrete bases in virtually any size. The concrete can be left in its natural color, or organically dyed or stained in nearly any other color to accommodate your organization's logo or color scheme.

As a final touch, our concrete bases are epoxy-sealed to various levels of glossiness, ranging from "raw" (un-glossy) to a super glossy finish.

Depending on the specific design objectives of your custom award project, we encourage you to check out our concrete base options!