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Enhancing Your Crystal Awards with Digitally Imprinted Color Images

Any of our crystal awards can incorporate color images imprinted on any of their flat surfaces. This is an excellent way to add color, vitality and "pop" to your crystal award. The use of company-, organization-, or brand-appropriate colors can also help the award immediately convey an organization’s desired brand imagery, or reinforce other objectives associated with the award. 

Examples of color images that can be incorporated on our crystal awards include color logos, organization icons, location scenery, photographs, etc. The images can be imprinted on the front, back or both sides of the award. Imprinted color images can be oriented so that they are viewed extending out from the surfaces of the award (for example, one image can be viewed from the front surface of the award, and another separate image from the back surface of the award, creating two unique views), or viewed through the crystal block of the award. In the latter scenario, the color image serves as a "backdrop" for additional color images imprinted on the front surface of the award, for 3D subsurface images engraved inside the award, or for 2D engraving on the front surface of the award.

Color imprinting, combined with 2D, 3D, surface, and subsurface engraving options, creates a variety of potential design variations that can help you customize your crystal awards, and make them a unique and distinctive custom award for your specific organization, event, or presentation.