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Marble Bases: Engraved Plates vs. Engraved Marble

Most of the sculpture awards we produce are mounted on marble bases. This includes both the custom awards we create, as well as our stock sculpture awards. Related to this, a question we often get from customers is: should I use engraved plates for the award’s base, or should I have my award information engraved directly on the marble?

At the outset of your project, one of account managers will work with you to understand your specific needs, and recommend the option best suited for your award(s). However, there are a few general “rules of thumb” questions that help guide this decision:

How much information do you want to convey? Engraving directly on your marble base can limit the amount of total words/characters you can use.  When engraving directly on marble, we like to say, “less is better.” Engraved plates can support smaller text, and, as a result, more text.

Do you want to incorporate color logos or images in your engraving? If so, engraved plates are your best (and, in many cases, only) option.

Is the award a perpetual award, where you will add recipient names over time? This is handled much easier with engraved plates, so nearly all of the perpetual awards we create make use of this method.

What type of design aesthetic are you aiming for? Engraved marble has a classic, rich, sophisticated look. Engraved plates, on the other hand, can incorporate colors and images, resulting in a more vibrant, dynamic, flashy look.


As noted above, your account manager will review your available options with you, and make a recommendation for your specific project. But, this information should help frame what you can expect.