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Canadian Independent Music Association Gala Awards


Canadian Independent Music Association Gala Awards


The Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA) commissioned Bennett Awards to create a new custom award design for their 2015 Awards Gala. This was CIMA’s inaugural awards presentation, and was created as part of CIMA’s 40th Anniversary Celebration.

Custom recognition awards were presented in four different categories:

The Founders Award spotlights outstanding individuals (or organizations) who have made a significant, influential and longstanding contribution to the Canadian independent music industry.

The Brian Chater Leadership Award goes to individual(s) in the music field who demonstrate success through a culture of innovation, market knowledge and artist development, while demonstrating exceptional vision and true industry leadership.

The Entrepreneur Award celebrates the risk takers, trendsetters and those who drive successful businesses with an ethical approach and a true indie spirit! Focusing on the contribution(s) of a dynamic, creative and visionary leader, the Award recipient(s) is driven by their love and passion for music but with the business chops to turn their vision into a reality!

The Unsung Hero Award will recognize an unwavering commitment and outstanding support to the Canadian independent music industry. The Award is intended to recognize any individual, group or organization that may not necessarily be on the industry’s ‘awards radar’ but has made an outstanding and exceptional contribution to the independent music community in Canada.

For these recognition awards, Bennett Awards created a new custom award design based on a 6” round medallion. The medallions were cast in pewter, and incorporated both embossed and engraved images and text – including the CIMA logo and logotype - sculpted directly in the medallions. The medallions were mounted on round marble bases with silver-fill engraving indicating the award category and recipient.

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