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Custom & Customizable Cups

Cups are one of the most iconic and recognizable forms of recognition awards. Cups have long symbolized victory and the height of achievement. They have been used as awards for some of the top sporting events in the world, but are also a popular award for organizations recognizing outstanding teams or individuals.

Bennett Awards has experience creating either totally custom cups, designed specific to your requirements, or pre-designed cups that can be customized for your event, organization or recipient. Some of the ways our cups can be customized include:

  • Total Custom Cup Design (Cup Body, Handles, Base)

  • Custom Handles on Pre-Designed Cup

  • Direct Laser Engraving on Cup

  • Custom Medallions on Cup Surface

  • Different Base Options (Individual, Perpetual, etc.)

Shown below are some examples of custom cups we have created, as well as some of the pre-designed cups that are available for orders.

Custom Cups


Customizable Pre-Designed Cups