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Fantasy football has now become a staple of our sports culture. The best leagues strive to create an active, engaged set of owners throughout the season, and a great way to ensure this is to offer the winners a trophy they can proudly display.

We’ve created premium fantasy sports awards for a variety of individuals and organizations, including DraftKings, one of the largest Internet fantasy sports companies. In fact, we were proud to create trophies for their $10 million fantasy football world championship, and their $4 million fantasy baseball world championship.

If your funds allow, we can create a premium custom fantasy award for your league. Samples of some of the custom designs we’ve created can be seen below, as well as on on our Custom Awards page. Or, if your budget is tight, we also offer pre-designed fantasy football awards in a few styles sure to meet your needs. In either case, we can provide both individual awards for the winning teams, and/or perpetual awards that can be used year after year with new annual engraved plates proclaiming each year’s champion.

Shown below are some of the premium designs we’ve created, as well as economy awards for smaller budgets. Contact us to let us know how we can help you take your league to the next level!

Premium Custom Award Examples

Economy Awards

Sculpture 1 (Silver): $30
Base 1 + Plate: $130
Total Price: $160
Total Height: 14.5"


Sculpture 2: $40
Base 2 + Plate: $110
Total Price: $150
Total Height: 14"

Sculpture 3: $75
Base 3 + Plate: $150
Total Price: $225
Total Height: 21.5"

Sculpture 1 (Gold): $30
Base 1 (Black): $130
Total Price: $160
Total Height: 14.5"

Note: Engraving charges extra; exact cost based on client requirements.