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Ford Selects Bennett Awards for New International Strategy Board

The Ford Motor Company selected a set of unique Bennett corporate recognition awards for a new international strategy board they have established. These corporate awards were provided to the inaugural dealers participating in the Ford Export & Growth (E&G) Dealer Strategy Board.

This strategy board was created to provide an open dialogue between dealers and E&G management, and to obtain their input and insight on strategic issues impacting the group. The Ford E&G business group is comprised of four distinct regions – Ford Middle East, Ford Caribbean and Central America, Ford Sub-Saharan Africa, and Ford Asia Pacific – and each region has differing business practices. One of the objectives of this new strategy board is to find ways to ensure global programs work in every region. 

This new advisory board was announced at Ford’s annual Dealer Business Meeting, held March 5-7 in Las Vegas. Ten dealers were appointed to the board. Each will serve a term of 18-24 months, and meet twice per year. The board will initially be comprised of dealers from countries spanning the globe, including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Israel, Dominican Republic, Mozambique, Puerto Rico, Cambodia/Laos, Malaysia, and South Korea. 

In recognition of their participation, Ford E&G presented each participating dealer with a corporate achievement award from Bennett Awards. The award design they selected for this presentation was "Global Recognition", an award design in the shape of an open globe. These recognition awards were produced in pewter, and featured a brushed pewter finish. The awards were customized by affixing the Ford corporate logo to each globe. These sculpture awards were mounted on black marble bases, with custom engravings of the dealership name, award purpose, and term of participation. 

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