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Whoopi Goldberg Receives Bennett Custom Award

Whoopi Goldberg, the renowned comedienne, actress, singer-songwriter, political activist, author and talk show host, recently received a custom award created by Bennett Awards from Provincetown Cares, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and funds for women’s health and breast cancer through live entertainment.

Goldberg received the recognition award as the 2012 “Provincetown Care Award”. These achievement awards are presented each year to recognize individuals who, through public or personal advocacy, have made a difference in women’s health care.

Goldberg received this Bennett custom award at Provincetown Cares’ annual benefit, which is designed to raise money for research, education, screening and treatment for breast cancer and other critical health issues affecting women. To date, Provincetown Cares has raised over $100,000 for these causes. The recognition award was presented to Goldberg on August 5, 2012, at a performance held in Provincetown’s Town Hall.

The unique custom awards design that Bennett Awards created for this presentation was based on Bennett Awards’ "United with Globe" and "United with Star" achievement awards. This design was customized to incorporate a 3D sculptural image of the Provincetown Cares logo that Bennett Awards created specifically for this award: a life preserver wrapped around a ribbon. This unique sculpture award was mounted on a black marble base with personalized silver-fill engraving of the name, date and purpose of the award, along with the recipient’s name.