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Bennett Awards Presented at International Olympic Gala Event

A set of unique Bennett recognition awards were recently presented to a set of distinguished recipients at the International Olympic Committee’s “World Conference on Women and Sport”. The distinctive Bennett recognition awards design "Eternal Spirit" was selected by Intelius for its “Power of I” achievement awards.

The “Power of I” achievement awards recognize individuals who exemplify the power that exists within each of us to inspire others to overcome challenges and help solve the world’s biggest problems.

These unique achievement awards were presented to recipients at Intelius’ “Power of I: Celebrating Women and Sport” gala awards event, which was held February 17, 2012, in Los Angeles, as part of the International Olympic Committee’s 5th Annual World Conference on Women and Sport. The deserving recipients of these recognition awards were:

  • Michelle Qwan: A two-time Olympic medalist and Honorary Co-Chair of the International Olympic Committee's World Conference on Women and Sport, Kwan was recently inducted into the U.S. Figure Skating Hall of Fame for her grace in the world of ice. Since retiring from skating she has embarked on a new career in public diplomacy, following her passion for connecting people by the things that unite them;

  • Nadia Comaneci: A five-time Olympic gold medalist and the first female gymnast ever awarded a perfect score of 10 in an Olympic gymnastics event, Comaneci's athletic accomplishments are legendary. Today she dedicates much of her time and talent to charity -- sitting on the boards of directors for the International Special Olympics and the Muscular Dystrophy Association;

  • Jennie Finch: A two-time Olympic medalist, Finch's sporting accomplishments earned her the title of "the most famous softball player in history." Off the mound, she is pitching in to support wounded military veterans and inspiring countless other girls and women who play for the love of the game;

  • International Olympic Committee (IOC) Women and Sport Commission Members: The IOC Women and Sport Commission advices the IOC Executive Board on the policy to deploy in the area of promoting women in sport.

Intelius adopted Bennett Awards’ "Eternal Spirit" recognition awards for these “Power of I” awards. These unique recognition trophies were cast in pewter, and featured a gold-plated finish. The achievement trophies were mounted on black marble bases that featured customized gold-fill engraving with the “Power of I” logo, recipient name, and the basis for recognition.