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Custom Awards Created for New Nike Basketball Program

Bennett Awards just finished the design and production of new custom trophies for Nike. These unique custom awards were designed for a new Nike high school basketball program – “traveling trophies”. These custom trophies will be given to winners of prestigious high school basketball rivalries. Each school in the rivalry has a trophy that represents its home court. If you win a rivalry game on your home court, you keep that trophy. If you lose a rivalry game on your home court, your rival gets your trophy to take to their school.

These traveling custom trophies were first used this year for the Westchester vs. Fairfax basketball rivalry. Since Westchester beat Fairfax on both courts, they got to take home both trophies.

Bennett Awards created these unique custom trophies in the shape of a large “winners cup”. The cup stands 11.5” tall and is produced in pewter with a brushed pewter finish. Attached to the cup is a medallion featuring a raised relief of that school’s logo. The custom trophies are mounted on a 8.5” black hardwood base. A black plate is attached to the base with an engraving of the school name and the Nike logo.