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Dr. Oz and Larry Ellison Receive Bennett Recognition Awards

Dr. Oz CO.jpg

Mehmet Oz, MD ("Dr. Oz"), and Larry Ellison, Founder and CEO of Oracle, were among the recipients of unique recognition awards presented by the Friends of the National Library of Medicine (FNLM). FNLM selected the distinctive achievement awards design "Double Helix" for their 2011 Awards Gala, which celebrated leadership in health and medicine, as well as the 175th Anniversary of the National Library Medicine.

These prestigious recognition awards were presented to five honorees to recognize their achievements and support in the advancement of health:

  • Mehmet Oz, MD, and Michael Roizen, MD, co-authors of YOU: The Owner’s Manual, received the Paul G. Rogers Health Communications Award.
  • Larry Ellison, Found and CEO of Oracle, received the Distinguished Medical Informatics Award.
  • Purnell W. Choppin, MD, President Emeritus, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, received the Distinguished Medical Science Award.
  • Ann Duesling, Outreach Librarian, Claude Moore Health Services Library, UVA, received the Michael E. DeBakey Library Services Outreach Award.

These unique achievement trophies, designed by Bennett Awards artist MK Shannon, were presented to recipients at FNLM’s 2011 Awards Gala, held November 3, 2011, at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC.

The Double Helix sculpture awards, which evoke an image of the two strands of a DNA molecule, were mounted on black marble bases with customized gold-fill engraving of the award name, recipient name, and date of presentation.