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Howard Stern Receives Custom Bennett Recognition Award

Howard Stern, one of the most recognized and popular radio and television personalities in the world, recently received a custom recognition award created by Bennett Awards. Stern received the “King of All Follicles” award from for having the “Best Men’s Hair in America.” Stern was selected for the award based on voting from 40 professionals barbers and men’s hairstylists that work in’s iconic “Upscale Barbershop & Men’s Spa’s.” For this award, Stern beat out other top vote-getters, including Bradley Cooper, Chris Hemsworth, Ryan Reynolds, and George Clooney.

The voting criteria was as follows:

  • Health: Hair that appears to be well-taken care of, soft and strong 
  • Versatility: Hair that allows for a variety of handsome and different looks, whether created via additional cutting or simply the application and manipulation of styling products 
  • Uniqueness: Hair and a style(s) that is not commonplace, yet work for the owner 
  • Thickness & Coverage: Basically, hair that doesn’t appear to be thinning and is free of bald patches 
  • Hair-To-Face Ratio: Hair that makes the man’s face appear more handsome than it otherwise would. Hair that upgrades the look of that man’s mug. 

For this award, Stern received a custom version of Bennett Awards' “The Benny” recognition award. The Benny is a figure sculpture holding an object in its arms. This object can be customized for a specific event, presentation, or award. For this specific award, the object was created, fittingly, in the shape of a comb.

Stern received this award during his broadcast show – the Howard Stern Show - on Monday, February 23, 2014.