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Bennett Awards Creates Custom Recognition Awards for The Native Creatives

Bennett Awards created a new custom award design for The Native Creatives, the inaugural native advertising awards. The Native Creatives, presented by Sharethrough, honor creativity and innovation in native advertising. Native advertising is a form of paid media where the ad experience follows the natural form a function of the user experience in which is placed. The Native Creatives recognize publishers, brands and agencies that have established themselves as visionaries in content creation, creative execution, and user engagement.

The Native Creatives recognized winners in five categories. Each category could potentially have two award winners: one selected by a panel of judges, and the other selected via vote for the People’s Choice Award. The 2015 winners in each category were:

  • Best Sponsored Content Editorial:
    - Judge’s Choice and People’s Choice - The Atlantic & Netflix for House of Cards – The Ascent
  • Best Sponsored Video
    - Judge’s Choice – BuzzFeed & Purina for Dear Kitten
    - People’s Choice – Popsugar & Oxiclean for Oreo Churros
  • Most Pioneering Publisher
    - Judge’s Choice – The Verge
    - People’s Choice – Popsugar
  • Best Brand Content Hub
    - Judge’s Choice – Complex & Mountain Dew for Green Label
    - People’s Choice – Quartz & GE for World in Motion
  • Best Sponsored Series
    - Judge’s Choice – Esquire. Medium & Microsoft for What I’ve Learned
    - People’s Choice – The Verge & Cadillac for The Pursuit

For these recognition awards, Bennett Awards created a new, unique custom award design. These awards were created using a combination of wood and pewter. The main sculpture of the awards consisted of a wood backdrop with raised, geometric pewter elements inspired by the Native Creatives logo. These sculptures were mounted a handcrafted wood bases with engraved plates signifying the award name, category name, and award recipient.

These awards were presented to recipients at NATIVE 2015, the premier native advertising conference from Sharethrough. The vent was held July 21, 2015, at the SF Jazz Center in San Francisco, CA. More information on The Native Creatives can be found at More information on Sharethrough can be accessed at