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Bennett Creates Custom Awards for Nuclear Energy Institute

Bennett Awards worked with the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) to create custom awards for its 2019 Top Innovative Practice (TIP) Awards. The TIP Awards showcase new and creative ideas developed by nuclear energy industry’s talented workforce. The TIP Awards have a direct impact on improving the safety and reliability of nuclear energy. The awards are given at the industry’s annual meeting, the Nuclear Energy Assembly.

For the 2019 NEI TIP Awards, Bennett Awards created two custom award designs: one design for the TIP Award winners, and one design for the top TIP Award: the Best of the Best Award.  

For the general TIP Awards, Bennett Awards created awards in the form of a standing plaque. The plaque was in the shape of spinning atoms. The primary body of the awards was created from aluminum and acrylic, with logos and award information screen printed on the surface.

The Best of the Best Award was a sculpture award that was cast in bronze, and then silver plated. The sculpture design was an impressionistic shape of spinning atoms. The sculpture award was mounted on a black marble base with personalized silver-fill engraving of the award name, recipient, and the NEI logo.


The Nuclear Energy Institute is the policy organization of the nuclear technologies industry, based in Washington, D.C. NEI has hundreds of members across the world and, with their involvement, develops policy on key legislative and regulatory issues affecting the industry. NEI was founded in 1994 from the merger of several nuclear energy industry organizations, the oldest of which was created in 1953.