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About quick-turn custom Awards


Are your timelines tight? Don't have a huge budget? Need a custom, non-generic looking award fast?

Our "Quick-Turn Customs" are just as their name implies: fast turnaround and fully customized awards that are designed specifically for your organization or event. We offer a few select shapes, several different material choices, and a handful of personalization options that will make your award truly customized, unique and memorable.  With prices starting as low as $60, there is something for nearly everyone.

Upon your final design approval, our Quick-Turn Customs can often be produced in a few weeks or less (depending upon design and volume). Creating a Quick-Turn Custom is a simple 4-step process. Scroll down the page to learn just how simple creating a custom award can be.

step 1: Choose Your Form factor

In order to insure a quick turnaround time, we have selected a few shapes/form factors for you to choose from. The gallery above shows the available shapes as well as their dimensions. These shapes can be made from a handful of materials which are described in the next section below. 

step 2: Choose Your materials

The gallery above shows the available materials for your Quick-Turn Customs. Our main set of materials are wood, acrylic and pewter (pewter is available for medallions only). They each have a set of unique characteristics that complement the different personalization options outlined in the next section below. In addition to the 'natural' finish of our material offerings, each of the material choices has a set of 'secondary' finish options for an extra level of customization, including wood stains, pewter antiquing and acrylic coloring. 

step 3: Choose Your personalization options


There are a few different personalization options for each of the Quick-Turn Customs shape/material combinations: 1) direct digital printing and/or laser engraving for acrylic awards; 2) laser wood engraving and/or printed plates for the wood awards; and 3) pewter medallions as an addition to either the acrylic or wood awards. The benefits and limitations of these personalization options are outlined below.  

These personalization options may be combined for an even more custom look; e.g. direct color printing of a logo on the back of your award, and direct engraving on the front. Or, a small pewter logo medallion on the front of a wood pillar, with laser engraved recipient information below. The options are vast. 

Simply tell us the personalized information you want on your award and we can show you a "mock up" of what the award will look like. Send us a vector logo, choose a font, give us some recipient information (or send us any copy you may want on the award) and we will lay it out for you to see. We offer one quick revision to the layout before we charge a revision fee.

If you need help or suggestions on a layout, our team is here to help. We will provide guidance on font pairing, sizing, and orientation for any given material/process. Our driving objective is to give you the best looking custom award possible. If you have a pre-designed layout ready for us, that works too. Simply send it over, and we will get a proof for you to approve, and then we can get rolling on making you some awesome custom awards. 

Engraving Details_1-01.png

Direct Digital Printing on Acrylic

Direct digital printing is a direct printing process that allows you to print a full color layout directly over an acrylic award. This process is perfect for logos which must display color, or giving text a color contrast to make your layout pop. Important note: digital direct printing does not print white. 


Laser Engraving on Wood

Laser engraving is the process of burning (or charring) the surface of the material. In the case of wood, we get a dark, charred burning of the surface, providing a rich contrast between the wood and text. 

Laser Engraving on Acrylic

Laser engraving on an acrylic surface removes a small amount of material and gently etches the surface a soft white color. Depending upon the layout, a color fill option may also be available.

Engraving Details_1-04.png

Add A Medallion

On all of our Quick-Turn Customs, we have the option of adding a pewter medallion to the face of the award to enhance its 'custom' feel. These pewter medallions may be antiqued or left with a simple brushed finish.The medallions can be a traditional circle, or, alternatively, any other basic or custom shape that supports your organization's logo, icon or imagery. 

*We will resize all custom pewter medallions to fit within the proportions of the award form factor chosen. 

Engraving Details_1-05.png

Combo Personalization

Personalization methods may be combined to really make your award pop. Shown here is a Wood Pillar, with a cast pewter logo medallion and some laser engraving to make it completely personalized. There are many options/possibilities, so if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. 

Step 4: approve Your layout

So, you've selected your shape, chosen your material, and provided all of your personalization information. Now it's up to us to give you a final proof (or layout) for you to approve. The proof process generally takes about 24 hours. We will send you a PDF layout to sign off on, and if everything is good, we will send you an invoice and confirm shipping information. Once payment is received, we can get your awards rolling.   

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Bennett Awards has over 40 years experience creating unique custom awards and trophies that are designed specific to our client’s requirements. We have created custom awards for a world-class set of for-profit and non-profit clients around the world, and would love to work with you as well. Inspire your recipients with something truly unique and custom.

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