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achieve square base web.jpg
achieve square base web.jpg


from 495.00

12" Pewter Sculpture Awards

Award Artist: MK Shannon

Available in Brushed Pewter, Silver or Gold Plating

  • Brushed Pewter: $495
  • Silver Plated: $595
  • Gold Plated: $650

Standard base size: 3" x 3" x 3"

The ”Achieve” recognition awards incorporate an impressionistic figure reaching up with its right hand towards the sky, with one knee extended upward as well. In its left hand, the figure is holding a star to its chest. The reach represents the lofty goal that a person strives to achieve. The star represents the fruits of this labor, successfully realized through hard work and perseverance. These unique awards were originally designed for Charles Schwab & Co. as corporate awards for their sales people, and have since been used with great success by other world-class organizations. These unique awards, designed by artist MK Shannon, stand 12” tall (including its marble base). The Achieve sculpture awards are created in pewter, and are available in one of three finishes: 1) a brushed pewter finish; 2) silver plating; and 3) gold plating. Achieve’s black marble base can be customized with an engraving of your choice for a small additional charge.

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