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Star of Excellence

Star of Excellence Web.jpg
Star of Excellence Web.jpg

Star of Excellence


11.5" Pewter Sculpture Award

Award Artist: Bob Bennett

  • Brushed Pewter w/ Gold-Plated Star: $595
  • Brushed Pewter Only: $550

Standard base size: 4" x 1.5" round

Optional 4" x 4" x 2" square base available at no extra charge

The ”Star of Excellence” recognition awards use classic geometric shapes to convey the general idea of someone reaching the pinnacle of success or achievement. The lower section of these sculpture awards are based on a stylized, curving triangular shape with one corner of the triangle sweeping upwards – thereby connoting forward movement and progress. Resting on the top edge of this triangular shape is a circle with a star inside it. The star is sculpted such that each arm of the star is crested – the crest gradually rising from the far point of the star and culminating in a high point at the center of the star. These unique awards, designed by artist Bob Bennett, are created from pewter. The triangle and circle are finished with a brushed pewter finish, while the star is gold-plated, accentuating its importance, and making it the focal point in the design. The Star of Excellence recognition awards stand 11.5” (including their standard 4” x 1.5” round base). The Star of Excellence’s black marble base can be customized with an engraving of your choice for small additional charge.

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