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14" Pewter Sculpture Awards

Available in Brushed Pewter, Silver or Gold Plating

  • Brushed Pewter: $295
  • Silver Plated: $395
  • Gold Plated: $450

Standard base size: 4" x 4" x 4"

The ”Performance” recognition awards are designed to honor an individual or organization involved in, as the title implies, some activity or venture related to performing. These recognition awards are a great choice for those involved in the performing arts or related fields. The unique awards design is based on a realistic interpretation of a microphone mounted on a base. The recognition awards design features the microphone tilted at an upward angle, which also represents an upward trajectory or forward progress. These unique awards stand 14” tall (including their marble base). The Performance sculpture awards are created in pewter, and are available in one of three finishes: 1) a brushed pewter finish; 2) silver plating; and 3) gold plating. Performance’s black marble base can be customized with an engraving of your choice for a small additional charge.

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