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Winner's Cup Tower


Winner's Cup Tower


21.5" Pewter Sculpture Awards

  • Brushed Pewter Finish: $1,745

Standard base for "Winner's Cup Tower" recognition awards:
5" x 5" x 2" marble base
8.5" hardwood base

Optional black lacquer finish on hardwood base: add $75

Optional price without hardwood base: deduct $250 ($1,495)

Optional custom medallions:

  • One-time model & mold charge: $275
  • Price per medallion: $40

The "Winner's Cup Tower" sculpture awards are unique awards based on the iconic symbol of a first-place (or "winner's") cup. The cup itself is a stylistic interpretation of the traditional cup image. It is enlarged, so that the victory or achievement associated with it is emphasized. The cup features clean lines on the stem, body and handles, with just the right amount of detailed stylizing, including an incision just above the stem and subtle notched gradations down the stem and cup footing. These unique awards stand 21.5" tall - the body of the cups are 11" tall, their black marble bases stand 2" high, and the lower hardwood bases are 8.5" tall. The Winner's Cup recognition awards are created in pewter, and feature a brushed pewter finish. The Winner's Cup Tower's bases can be customized with engravings of your choice for a small additional charge. A black lacquer finish can also be applied to the bases for an additional $75.

The overall size of these recognition awards, combined with the large space available for engraved plates, make this an excellent choice for impactful perpetual awards.

In addition, as an option, a custom round medallion can be attached to the body of the cups for an additional charge. This medallion, which measures approximately 4" in diameter, can feature a 3-D engraving of an image of your choice, such as an organization logo, icon, symbol, mascot, etc. This engraved medallion can feature both an image and text. To create a customized medallion, there is a one-time model and mold fee of $275, and a per-piece charge of $40. 

Finally, the Winner's Cup Tower achievement awards can be purchased without the hardwood base (the awards sit on the marble base only), reducing the total height of these unique awards to 13". Eliminating the hardwood base reduces the cost of these sculpture awards by $250, to a total of $1,395. 

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