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3 Characteristics of a Great Logo Design

When designing a custom award for your company or upcoming event, one of your options is to artfully work the organization’s logo into your final award design. When you think of certain logos, like the iconic Nike “swoosh”, you immediately recognize the company it represents, as well as what that brand means. In Nike’s case, that “swoosh” means athleticism and power. The McDonald’s arches, Mickey Mouse’s ears, the Starbucks siren, and the Playboy bunny are some more of the world’s most recognizable logos. Your organization’s logo, as part of your custom award design, speaks volumes about the kind of award you are giving, as well as speaking to the character of the recipient.

Here are 3 characteristics of a great logo design you might want to consider when creating a custom award:

Color matters.

Certain colors convey certain ideas/messages. For instance, the Barbie logo is bright pink, which is often a color associated with femininity. Many other female-oriented logos incorporate pink as well, such as the Victoria’s Secret, Claire’s, the breast cancer awareness ribbon, and even MLB and NFL gear designed for women. If color is an important part of your logo, a custom-cut metal award can be created in an endless variety and combination of colors.

Make it timeless.

The “I Love New York” logo was created in 1975 and is known the world over, reproduced on millions of products every year. In almost 40 years the basic logo has never really changed. Eddie Opara, a New York-based partner with the international design firm Pentagram, says that it’s the neutrality of a design that makes a logo timeless, citing the NBC Universal logo as an example. If you are going to be creating a perpetual award it’s important to use a logo that isn’t going to change too much. Perpetual awards are meant to be on display for years and years to come, and a changing logo changes the design, potentially rendering the award obsolete.

Keep it flexible.

The Target bull’s-eye logo is instantly recognizable whether it’s on a billboard, a business card, or the side of white dog’s face. It’s a simple, yet powerful enough, design that no matter where it shows up people recognize it for what it is. When you are designing a custom award you want to think of it as a piece of art, not just something your recipients will stuff in the back of their closet. A logo that can be easily scaled up, down, or fitted to unique settings is perfect for awards because it can be easily incorporated into the rest of the overall design. For instance, the Bentley B is a straightforward and simple logo design that can be readily incorporated into everything that Bentley does, including their custom awards.

These are just three different characteristics that go into creating a great logo. Above all else, an organization’s logo needs be an accurate representation of what your company stands for. It’s the calling card of your brand!

Interested in learning more about logos? There is this great infographic by 123Print that breaks down famous logos.