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Financial tombstones and deal toys are a great way to memorialize a “deal well done”, and recognize the many players whose hard work, sweat and sacrifice helped make the transaction a reality. They are a small token of gratitude and recognition that, done well, will leave a lasting impression on everyone involved in the deal.

Tombstones and deal toys should be customized so that they reflect the unique nature of the deal, whether it be related to the industry involved, specific company attributes or icons, or any other unique symbolism related to that specific transaction.

Given this, we don’t really have an inventory of “stock” tombstones and deal toys, but instead create these custom to each client. Shown below are a representative set of examples of what we can create for you. As you can see, we work with a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and acrylic. These examples can serve as a great “starting point” to help us crystalize the design of a tombstone that is the perfect encapsulation of your unique deal. The price for designs similar to those shown below generally average around $200-300 per award, but the exact price depends on the final client design.