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Awards Unique to Your Event / Organization - 
Bennett Custom Awards

Bennett Awards has over 40 years experience creating unique custom awards and trophies that are designed specific to your requirements. We have created custom awards for a world-class set of for-profit and non-profit clients around the world, including Google, Nike, Facebook, Sony, Ford, BMW, Honda, Intel, Mars, NASA, Volkswagen, Johnson & Johnson, Netflix, Make A Wish, Audi, the U.S. Olympic Team, and many others. 

"Facebook Hacker Cup"

Custom awards are a great way to uniquely communicate and reinforce your organization’s brand and event positioning (see our article “Unique Awards for Building Brands"). The types of custom awards we can create are almost endless – we pride ourselves on creating innovative, “out of the box” designs that make an immediate impact and leave a lasting impression, but still adhere to the specific design, branding and messaging requirements of our clients.

Types of Custom Awards

We can create custom awards in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials, including sculpture awards, fabricated awards, medallions, crystal awards, plaques, etc. Each of these award types offers the opportunity to make a lasting, positive impression on your event, presentation, and recipient. However, they each present a different “award profile” in terms of design possibilities, required lead times, and price points. These alternative types of custom awards are outlined below.


Custom Sculpture Awards

Sculpture awards are the most classic form of custom award that we produce. The possible shapes and sizes for these awards are almost limitless – we have produced sculptures as small as a few inches high, all the way through monumental sculptures that are over 30 feet tall. Almost all of our sculpture awards are cast using either bronze or pewter, and can feature a variety of color, texture, and plating options. Learn more...

Custom Fabricated Awards

We can fabricate custom awards using a variety of materials, including metal, wood, glass, plastic, etc. Unlike sculpture awards, which are cast, fabricated awards are hand-produced one award at a time. Fabricated awards generally have a shorter lead time than sculpture awards, as they do not require a model, mold, or the casting process. Learn more...

Brew Across America cropped.png

Custom Handcrafted Wood Awards

Wood can be used to create custom awards in a variety of shapes, sizes, grains, colors and stains. The shape of these wood sculptures can range from simple wood pillars through complex designs handcrafted by skilled wood artisans. Surfaces of the wood sculptures can be laser engraved with custom symbols, logos and text. Wood awards can also be adorned with other award elements, such as custom medallions or engraved metal bands, to create stunning multi-material awards. Learn more…



Custom Fabricated Metal Awards

Custom fabricated metal awards offer a variety of dimensions that can be customized for awards, including their shape, size, color and finish. Finish options include painting, powder-coating, plating, and anodization. Fabricated metal awards are a strong option for custom award designs that require precise geometric dimensions and uniformity across multiple award sculptures. Learn more…

Custom Acrylic Awards

Acrylic awards provide an economical approach to custom awards, yet still offer a number of dimensions that can be completely customized for your needs. These personalization options include custom shapes, multiple engraving approaches, integration of an almost endless variety of colors, and the ability to embed physical objects into the acrylic that are relevant to the award. Acrylic can also be combined with other materials, such as wood or metals, to create unique multi-material awards. Learn more...

Custom Crystal Awards

Crystal awards provide some of the lowest total costs (including up-front costs) and shortest lead-times of any of our custom award options. These crystal awards traditionally take the form of a geometric block of crystal (with either standard or custom shapes) with customized engraving. Customized engravings can either be 2D or 3D, and can be etched on the surface of the award, or laser-engraved inside the block of crystal. Learn more...


Custom Interactive & Kinetic Awards

Interactive and kinetic awards have a design element incorporating movement. These custom awards that have a user-operated moveable component as a central element of the award design. This unique element adds an interactive component to the award, which helps engage the recipient and audience, and amplifies the “wow factor” of the design. Learn more…

Custom Cups

Cups are one of the most recognizable and iconic forms of recognition awards. They are strongly associated with victories in competitions. We can create fully custom cups, designed unique to your specifications (including shape, size, decorative details, etc.), or we also offer pre-designed cups that can be customized specifically for your needs. Learn more…

Custom Medallions

Medallions are one of our most cost-effective custom recognition options from a per-unit price perspective. We can create medallions in a variety of sizes and shapes. These medallions also feature customized 3D reliefs on their front and back surfaces with images and text created per your specifications. In addition, we offer a number of different display vehicles for these medallions, including ribbons, bases, plaques, and cups. Learn more...

Custom Plaques

We can also create unique custom recognition awards using plaques. These plaques can be customized across a number of different dimensions, including their materials, shapes, colors, and sizes. In addition, we can combine them with other award components, such as medallions and display bases. Finally, we can combine them with a sculpture award to create a perpetual sculpture award plaque. Learn more...

Quick-Turn Custom Awards

When you have a tight budget or timeline that doesn’t enable creating a custom award from the ground up, we offer a variety of options for economical customizable awards with a relatively short turn-around time. These span a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes, and all can be created unique to your event, organization or recipient. Learn more…


Our Custom Awards Process

Below is a guide that walks you through our typical custom award creation process. Use the navigation arrows, right/left, to walk through our process. If you have any questions regarding our process, please visit our Resources page, or, give us a call, we're here to help.

*To view the slideshow as a single page, or view our custom awards pricing please click the link below. From this new tab you may: zoom, pan, or download it to your desktop and view it with Adobe Reader. If you are having problems viewing/downloading this page , please download/update Adobe Reader. To download Adobe Reader, please click here.


Custom Award Gallery

Shown below is a representative sample of the custom awards and trophies that we have created. Clicking on any of the images below for more information. Click the yellow button below to see an expanded list of the custom awards and trophies we have created.

Recent Project Highlights


The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) commissioned a new, unique set of custom awards to recognize some of the film industry’s outstanding contributors. Meryl Streep and Joaquin Phoenix were among the recipients of these awards. The awards were a geometric design that was fabricated from aluminum, and then bead-blasted gold.

Bennett Awards created a set of new, uique custom awards for the Shell Eco-marathon Challenge. The Shell Eco-marathon is one of the world’s leading energy-efficiency competition programs for students. Teams of high school and university students design and build ultra-energy-efficient vehicles, and then take them out on the track for competition. For these awards, Bennett Awards created stylistic car sculptures made out of stainless steel.

The United States Rugby Foundation commissioned custom awards from Bennett Awards for its inaugural Prusmack Awards. The Prusmack Awards honor the top male and female rugby sevens players in the United States. Bennett Awards created two custom bronze sculpture awards – one male and one female – to recognize the winners of these awards each year. The figurative sculptures showcase rugby players in action.