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Custom Acrylic Awards

Custom acrylic awards can be a quick and cost-effective way to create new, unique custom awards designed specifically for your organization or event. They can also be one of the most flexible in terms of incorporating unique shapes, sizes, colors, materials, engraving methodologies, and even the embedment of discrete objects meaningful to the award.



We offer a broad variety of standard geometric shapes, but can also create custom shapes per your specifications. The outer surfaces of the acrylic award can be cut to create a unique shape, or spaces can be cut inside the award to customize the form factor.



Acrylic awards can be translucent or opaque. Translucent acrylic awards can be fully clear, or in a colored tint. Translucent awards are the preferred route when incorporating direct digital printing on the back surface (front-facing) of an award, or when embedding an actual object in the award (both concepts explained below). Colored opaque awards can be single- or multi-colored.


Direct Digital Printing


This is a process that allows you to print a full color layout directly over an acrylic award. This process is perfect for logos that must display color, or giving text a color contrast to make it  pop. Direct digital printing can also be done on the back surface of a translucent award (the front-facing side), so the color image can be viewed through the award. This would be the best approach when embedding an object in the award, or incorporating front surface engraving.


Laser Engraving


Laser engraving on an acrylic surface removes a small amount of material and gently etches the surface a soft white color. Depending upon the layout, a color fill option may also be available.



Specific 3D objects or images can be embedded inside the acrylic award, making it appear as if they are "floating" in the award. If an object is meaningful to the purpose of the award, this can be a great way of showcasing it to emphasize the intended communication objective of the award.


Mixed-Material Awards

Acrylic can be combined with other materials, such as wood or metal, to create custom mixed material awards. The contrast between materials can create a striking effect, and emphasize different aspects of the award’s design. The mixture of materials can be either complex, such as using different materials for different major components of the award, or simple, such as the incorporation of a metal medallion on the surface of an acrylic award.




Any of the above variables can be combined to create a custom acrylic award. Most custom acrylic awards we create, in fact, employ two or more of these personalization methodologies.


We would be happy to work with you to help design and develop a custom acrylic award that meets your exact needs. Please contact us and we can guide you through the process, step by step.