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Interview with Bennett Awards Designer Marjorie Coyne

What kind of background do you have (art, graphic design, etc) that brought you to Bennett Awards?

BS in Costume Design with an emphasis in fashion illustration from UCDavis; Mac Support and software trainer for computer store; layout artist for graphic design studio.

What is your favorite part of the custom award design process?

I love brainstorming ideas when the client wants a piece of art to have as an award and chooses us to design something from their imagination and ours. I love sketching out concepts. I also really enjoy sculpting.

Is there is particular award you created that you’re especially proud of?

It was fun designing the PGA Digital VIP award: I like seeing all of finished awards lined up. I sculpted Project Icarus’ logo in pewter on a reclaimed wood base and I love how it suits their company. Also, it was immensely fun taking the client’s drawing and creating a sculpture of a man and child at the bottom of a turning staircase for the director David O. Russell.

If you could design a custom award for a particular company or event what would it be and why?

I would love to work on an award for the fashion or entertainment industry, since I think these clients appreciate design and creativity and should be more open to creating original art for their recipients. I think the best awards should be pieces of art that people want to display, not put somewhere collecting dust.

Have you noticed any trends among customers when it comes to what they want in their award design?

People see the Bennett sculptures on our award website and wonder if we can create something very specific toward their organization or event. Something brand new! It is exciting to start from the ground up and end with another beautiful custom sculpture from Bennett that evokes what is important for the client.