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Designing a Custom Award–Be Clever and Creative!

Now this may not be an actual award, but Breaking Bad star Anna Gun brought the most creative handbag ever to the 2014 SAG Awards in celebration of her nomination. That kind of clever and creative design element is exactly what a custom award needs to showcase–your organization’s personality, style, and even a little sense of humor shines through! While the SAG Award itself is a beautiful statue, Anna Gun’s bag is definitely a show-stopper!

When designing a custom award for your next event, why not go a little outside the box and get really creative with your final design. Awards ceremonies don’t need to be quite as over-the-top as the Oscars or Grammys in order to be memorable, but your award is something that people will keep with them for years. An employee recognition award can be proudly displayed on a desk or office shelf for years. And an award that celebrates a lifetime of success, like the “Rodney Respect Award”, a recognition award named in honor of the late Rodney Dangerfield, is definitely getting a place of honor in the office or at home. Since those awards are going to be so prominently displayed why not turn them into true pieces of art! The Rodney Respect Award looks like no other award Chuck Lorre as ever won, so even on a crowded mantle it stands out.

Even if you prefer a simple design) and opt for a custom-cut metal award, your design doesn’t have to be simple! Bennett Awards created a unique, whimsical custom award design for a Nashville confectioner competition. The metal was cut by high-precision lasers into the shape of a vertical stack of deserts, including candy, a cupcake, ice cream, and a slice of cake. These desserts were hand painted in a variety of colorful, vibrant colors and then affixed to a custom-cut metal spoon, which featured the Nashville Scene logo in the bowl of the spoon. The design speaks for the fun and vivacious competition and is a great representation of the event.

Often, there are discrete elements or symbols that are meaningful to an organization, and convey a strong message representative of its brand. These are great ideas to incorporate into your custom award to make it very personal. For instance, the Wounded Warrior Project’s (WWP) “Carry Forward Awards” incorporate a backpack sculpture similar to the backpacks WWP provides to wounded service members when they arrive at military trauma units. This award also utilizes a base inspired by the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial. Even from far away, too far to read the base inscription, the design elements of the award speak for themselves.

Diageo "Partner of the Year" Custom Awards

Diageo "Partner of the Year" Custom Awards

If you prefer to be less literal with your award design, impressionistic designs are based on a specific object, such as a thing, person, or company logo, but modified to create a new, more artistic perspective. A great example of this is the Diageo “Partner of the Year” Awards we created, which employ an abstract representation of the famous Johnnie Walker Striding Man. The familiarity is still there, but the award takes on a life of its own.