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3 Times a Medallion is the Right Award Choice

Trophies aren’t the only award option out there! In addition to plaques, crystal awards, sculpture awards, and fabricated awards there are also medallions. Custom medallions are one of the more affordable custom award options in terms of per-unit price, which is great if you are trying to stick to a budget. Custom medallions can also be created in a variety of customized shapes and sizes so they can be just as unique and special as any other custom award design.

Here are three times a medallion might be the best possible award choice for your organization/event:

Sporting Events

What are some of the most famous medallions in sporting history—the Olympic medals of course! Medallions are often the perfect award choice for sporting events. Think about it—if you run a large youth basketball tournament what would be easier to transport and award, a couple hundred trophies or the same amount of medallions? Instead of handing our participation awards you could give teams medals and save the bigger trophies for the winning team.

Medallions can be customized to incorporate 3D reliefs that are based on an image of your choice including a logo, icon, or any other image that has special significance for your organization or event. Medallions can also be a customized shape, not just circles. For instance, the symbol of the Boston Marathon is a unicorn. All finishers receive a uniquely shaped medal with that mascot and marathon colors (blue and yellow) imprinted on it. That symbol and those colors are recognizable in the running community the world over.

School Awards

Medals are also a great option for academic awards ceremonies because medals can easily be custom designed for each department. For instance, a medal for English could have the image of a book engraved on it, a medal for Math could have an equation engraved in it, and the Science fair medals could have the symbol of an atom on them. These medals can be engraved on the back with the name of the recipient; the year awarded, or even the name of the award itself. Custom medallions can also be combined with a ribbon to make them stand out even more or incorporated into plaques, amplifying the design and providing an additional display option. Some schools have legacy awards, like Senior Foreign Language Student of the Year, and each year a new medallion is affixed to the existing plaque.

Artistic Achievements

Custom medallions can also be hung from crystal or acrylic pedestals. Not only is this a way to prominently display the awards, the clear nature of these pedestals also enables people to view the images on both sides of two-sided custom medallions. This could be the perfect award choice when celebrating an artistic achievement, such as your own version of the Newbery Medal. Pedestals come in a variety of shapes and sizes, providing yet another dimension on which to distinguish your recognition award and embrace the artistic spirit that your award is honoring.