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Use Custom Sculpture Awards at Your Next Company Recognition Ceremonyf

If you are looking for new and exciting corporate awards that are absolutely perfect for your next recognition event then your search should start and end with custom sculpture awards. Custom sculpture awards are not like those common (and boring) basic trophies and plaques that end up in an employee’s drawer or gathering dust in the closet. Your organization’s awards are much more than just mementos and should be viewed as classic, timeless pieces of art that capture and memorialize the essence of your organization and those being honored. Your corporate awards should be a lasting keepsake for your employees that will forever remind them of their recognition and be something they proudly display on their desk or in their office.

Your organization’s sculpture awards should help to enhance the integrity and image of the overall corporate presentation and event. One of the best parts of using custom sculpture awards is that they cater to your unique needs and requirements on a case-by-case basis. They can be customized for the event, the recipient, the presenting organization, or some combination thereof.  These corporate awards can be easily customized along a number of different dimensions including design, size, material, and finish. Organizations can choose the style and design that best fit their needs as well as their tastes. One of the primary ways to personalize corporate awards is through the use of personalized engravings upon their marble bases. The can also be personalized through the choice of finishes – for example, many awards are available in pewter, gold or silver plating.

Custom corporate awards are a totally unique and visible way to highlight the achievements of your recipients. Marble bases support personalized engravings including the presentation date, recipient name, award title, and so forth. Also, these custom engravings can use many different font styles, and include graphics, including colored images, such as organizational logos to make your award even more unique.

Another way to customize these custom corporate awards is to re-size designs. For example, you may want to create a large custom sculpture award as a perpetual award, and smaller sculpture awards using the same design to present to recipients on a regular basis.

The basic steps to get a custom corporate award created include:

  • Sketching different custom corporate award designs. An artist can help turn your intangible idea into realty. For instance, how can you embody “leadership” or “integrity” in a sculpture award? Some of the designs may be very literal, like a musical note to symbolize “harmony”, while others might be more abstract, like a symmetrical, curved design to symbolize partnerships.
  • Once a design direction has been selected, a model is fabricated using wax or clay. These models give you the ability to evaluate a true, three-dimensional view of your award design. Does your model look as good in person as it did on paper? Do dimensions need to change? Details added or removed?
  • Once the model is approved a mold is created, and the custom corporate awards are produced – usually out of pewter or bronze.
  • Finally, a base is selected. As mentioned above, you can create personalized engravings that are etched into the bases of the awards.

Not only does your choice of corporate awards leave a lasting impression on your award recipients, it also reflects back on your organization as a whole. The awards and trophies you present should be consistent with and reinforce your company’s brand image, personality, and positioning. With that in mind, why choose common, vanilla, mass-produced plaques or trophies for your next award presentation? Custom sculpture awards are the way to go!