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Include Awards in your Integrated Branding Campaign

The whole world, it seems, has now bought into INTEGRATED BRANDING. And, for good reason - it just makes sense.

Everything your organization does should be consistent with your brand and positioning.

The accumulation of a set of consistent, on-position marketing elements has a "whole is greater than the sum of its parts" effect.

 Most of you do this with the major elements of your marketing mix. Advertising. Websites. Packaging. Social media. Events. You take great pains to ensure consistency and synergy.

Most of these things have transitory impressions, though. People see them, and then they are gone.

Good awards, though - awards that recipients value - stick around a long, long time. People see them when they presented. People see them on desks. People see them in lobbies and on shelves.

So, why would your awards be an afterthought in your branding efforts? Why shouldn’t they be viewed as an integral part of your marketing mix?

Why shouldn’t they be consistent with, and enhance, your brand and positioning?

If they're bad, they can have just the opposite effect.

Your awards are a direct reflection on you, your event, your organization, and your brand.

This is your opportunity to add a new, highly visible, long-lasting element to your branding efforts.

So choose awards that are great. Extraordinary. Unique. Memorable. High-quality. Creative. On-brand.

You get two benefits for the price of one: a chance to recognize someone, and an opportunity to further build your brand.

Let’s create some awesome awards together!