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Custom Fabricated Awards: A Variety of Options

Fabricated awards are one of the varieties of custom awards that we commonly produce. As their name suggests, fabricated awards are constructed, or “fabricated” one award at a time. This is different from sculpture awards, which are produced using traditional casting processes.

Custom Fabricated Award Created for ASME/National Board

Custom Fabricated Award Created for ASME/National Board

Custom fabricated awards can be produced in a variety of ways, and using a variety of tools and equipment. These can range from very simple assembly processes all the way through highly sophisticated computer-controlled production systems.

Each type of custom award is best suited to a set of specific requirements. Fabricated awards are ideally suited for awards that require extremely precise specifications, incorporate different types of materials, incorporate existing objects that are meaningful or relevant to the commissioning organization, or may need unique paints or coatings applied to their surface. Depending on the production technique required, fabricated awards may also feature a lower overall cost than cast awards since a model and mold do not need to be created.