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Custom Fabricated Metal Awards

One of the most popular types of custom  awards we create for our clients are our fabricated metal awards. Fabricated metal awards are produced, or 'fabricated', one award at a time, versus traditional sculpture awards, which are cast using a model and mold.

Mirror Mirror Urban Recognition Awards

Mirror Mirror Urban Recognition Awards

One of the advantages of fabricated metal awards is that the simpler metal designs can deliver very affordable price points for organizations and individuals with a strict budget, since a model or mold are not required. Or, conversely, the more complex fabricated metal awards can deliver truly stunning visual results.

In terms of their look, fabricated metal awards often have an 'industrial' or 'modern' look, with sharper edges and a more 'machined' look than traditional sculpture awards. This may be a better fit for a given organization's design aesthetics.

In addition, fabricated metal awards are extremely flexible in terms of the aspects of the award that can customized for your specific awards, including their shape, size, finishes and colors. 

A number of process-specific finishing options are also available when choosing fabricated metal awards. These include anodizing, powder-coating, painting, metal plating, and simply finishing the raw metal material. Depending on the specific requirements of the custom awards being created, any one of these options may be the most appropriate for finishing the award.