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Using Brand Icons for Custom Sculpture Awards

As we’ve noted in other blog posts and articles, one of the biggest benefits of creating custom awards is that their design can be embedded with meaning and symbolism that is highly unique and relevant to the organization commissioning the award, the purpose of the award, or the recipient being recognized with the award.

In order to accomplish this, we’ve created custom awards based on a number of design themes, including organizational logos, representative symbols, abstract designs that loosely evoke the intended meaning of the award or brand personality of the presenting organization, and brand icons.

 One of the most powerful of these alternatives, if the option is available, is to use brand icons or characters as the basis for the award. Brand icons are particularly effective in that they reinforce, and leverage, all of the brand equity that has been built up over time in these icons.

Custom sculpture awards created based on brand icons are immediately recognizable to all of the award stakeholders: recipients, event attendees, employees, and anyone else who will view the award as it is being presented or displayed post-presentation. These awards will automatically convey all of the brand attributes associated with the icon upon which they are based. In essence, a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of message connotation is already done.

While logo-based custom awards benefit from some of the same dynamics, awards created based on brand icons can potentially deliver a bit more personality and pizzaz, and are a fun and interesting way to fulfill the recognition and brand messages intended by the award.