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Promote Your Brand with a Custom Award

When designing a custom award the sky really is the limit. What exactly do you want your design to convey? Are you trying to capture an intangible feeling like growth or success or commitment? If that's the case than you get to create a totally unique award that you feel best represents that emotion/feeling. Or are you trying to represent the event itself? Or maybe celebrate a particular organization? If that's the case why not rely more heavily on your company/event's logo and make that the focal point of the design? A custom designed award is more like a piece of art and is bound to be given a place of honor by the recipient, so why not promote your brand with your custom design?

Here are a few custom awards Bennett Awards has created that make our clients' brand the star of the design:

Bentley Motors "Driving Program 2012" Awards

Bennett Awards created custom-cut metal trophies created to recognize employees who participated in an in-house driving program that prominently featured the Bentley logo as the “hero” of the award. These trophies employed multiple layers of different laser-cut metals, each with contrasting color and texture, to “expose” the Bentley logo. The main component of these achievement trophies was a thick metal disk, shaped like the circle in the Bentley logo.


ABSOLUT Vodka "Best Bloody in America" Custom Award

ABSOLUT Vodka, along with Thrillist, commissioned Bennett Awards to create a new custom design for their annual “ABSOLUT Best Bloody in America” contest. For these custom awards, Bennett Awards created a pewter sculpture shaped like a Bloody Mary. The main element of the trophy is a pewter glass with a raised relief of the ABSOLUT Vodka logo and tagline. Other sculptural elements incorporated into the trophy to create a distinctive Bloody Mary include a stalk of celery, olives, and a lime wedge.


"The Friskies" Cat Video Custom Awards

Bennett Awards created a set of unique custom awards for “The Friskies”, a competition to honor the best Internet cat videos. For these custom awards, called the “Catuettes,” Bennett Awards created an award design that featured a sculpture in the shape of the Friskies cat icon. The cat sculpture was attached to an integrated circular pedestal with the Friskies logotype embossed in it.




Monopoly World Championship Awards

Bennett Awards created the custom awards design for the Monopoly World Championships based on the Monopoly Tycoon character that is featured on Monopoly properties.










"Naturally Remarkable Planters" Custom Awards

For these awards, Bennett Awards created a new custom award design in the shape of the iconic “Mr. Peanut”. The upper base tier is raised by peanut branch sculptures, and a peanut sculpture is mounted in the center of the lower base. These recognition awards celebrate American peanut farmers who are implementing sustainable practices and making positive social changes in their local communities.


The Hershey Company "Cadbury Eggs" Awards

This partner award for achieving sales and business objectives related specifically to performance for Reese’s and Cadbury Eggs so Bennett Awards created a custom award design that featured three Cadbury Eggs stacked one atop the other.