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The Importance of Employee Recognition Awards in Today's Economy

Employee Recognition Award Created for Baume & Mercier

Employee Recognition Award Created for Baume & Mercier

In today’s soft economy, when many argue that employees should feel lucky to have a job in the first place, company executives might question why they should bother with employee recognition awards at all. Bob Nelson, best-selling author and expert in the field, explains that while cash compensation is important to employees, it is thoughtful recognition that really motivates them to perform at higher levels.

In his book 1001 Ways to Reward Employees, Nelson explains that, "part of the power of such rewards comes from the knowledge that someone took the time to notice the achievement, seek out the employee responsible, and personally deliver praise in a timely manner." Such recognition motivates employees to continue working at such admirable levels, knowing that it won't go unrecognized.

But how does a company or a manager go about such recognition, in an appropriate yet cost-effective manner? Managers need to be mindful of the fact that their choice of recognition vehicle sends an important message to the employee. A basic plaque may be too insignificant, and actually send a negative message to the employee, while an elaborate vacation or trip may not make sense for budgetary reasons. Nelson suggests that, "managers need to think about what their employees need and what's important to them."

A distinctive, high-end achievement award may be the perfect solution. For example, the unique, beautiful sculpture awards offered by Bennett Awards convey to employees just how valuable they are to a business, and how much management appreciates their efforts. These sculptures awards are true works of art that employees are proud to display in their homes or offices. This prominent display can serve as a constant reminder of the company’s appreciation, and as a constant source of motivation to the employee as well. And, unlike a trip or coupon, which may soon be forgotten or go unnoticed by others, the permanence delivered by the display of these corporate awards can have a motivating impact on other employees as well, who will also be constantly reminded that the company recognizes and rewards their employee’s achievements.