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Perpetual Sculpture Award Plaques

The ”Perpetual Sculpture Award Plaque” offers a unique approach to perpetual recognition awards. These award plaques feature a “shelf” that can hold a perpetual sculpture award or trophy. The remainder of the award plaque can hold customized engraved plates. The personalized plates can be used for two purposes: 1) large engraved plates can signify the award’s purpose or presenting organization, including customized logotypes and logos; and 2) smaller engraved plates can highlight each perpetual award winner, and can be added over time as each award winner is announced.

The shelf can hold a variety of our existing sculpture awards, or can hold a custom awards design if you choose to have us create this for you. This approach facilitates an integrated perpetual awards program, whereby one copy of the perpetual sculpture award is displayed on the plaque, and other individual sculpture awards of the same design are presented to each award winner.

These Perpetual Sculpture Award Plaques can be created in wood or Corian. The Corian plaques can be ordered in a variety of stock colors. There are two sizes available: 24” x 18”, and 18” x 12”. Each size comes with two options for the edges: 1) a standard square edge; or 2) a custom bevel edge. The prices above are for the plaque only – the sculpture awards, engraved plates, and any mounting hardware are additional cost items. 

Corian Sculpture Award Plaques: Pricing Details

24" x 18" w/ standard edges: $450
24" x 18" w/ custom beveled edges: $495

18" x 12" w/ standard edges: $395
18" x 12" w/ custom beveled edges: $450

Material & Colors: Corian in a variety of standard colors

Sculpture awards, engraved plates and mounting hardware additional cost.