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Ford Motor Credit Company Choses Bennett Corporate Awards

For the sixth consecutive year, the Ford Motor Credit Company, one of the largest automotive finance companies in the world, chose a set of Bennett corporate awards for their “Partners in Quality” recognition program. The Ford Partners in Quality Awards, established in 1993 by Ford Credit President Edsel B. Ford II, recognize dealers across the U.S. and Canada for outstanding achievement in customer satisfaction and support for Ford Credit. Approximately 100 out of 4,500 dealers are chosen each year for this prestigious corporate recognition award.

For the 2013 Partners in Quality Awards, Ford Credit chose the unique Bennett corporate award design "Brotherhood", designed by Tom Bennett. These bronze sculpture awards feature two inter-locking shapes that convey partnership, unity, and working towards a common goal. Ford Credit added a custom element to their achievement awards by applying an optional black crackle patina to the finish of the sculptures. The sculptures were mounted on black marble bases with customized engraving of the Ford Credit Partners in Quality logo and the name of the dealer award recipient. 

Each of the last six years, the Ford Motor Credit Company has selected a different Bennett achievement award design for these companies trophies. This provides dealers that have won the award multiple times with a variety of unique trophies that they can display with n their place of business. Past achievement awards used by Ford Credit include "Midnight Sail", "Double Helix", "Breakthrough", "Commitment" and "Eternal Spirit".