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Bennett Awards Selected for World Billfishing Championship

The World Billfishing Series (WBS) commissioned Bennett Awards to create custom trophies for its 2013 World Billfishing Championship. This tournament is the pinnacle of billfishing competitions, and features the most accomplished anglers, captains, and mates from across the globe. This competition is the culmination of a tour of WBS billfishing tournaments held across seven worldwide regions.

The WBS commissioned Bennett Awards to create two unique custom perpetual trophies. The first trophy was used for the WBS Angler World Championship, where individual anglers competed against each other. The second trophy was used for the WBS Team World Championship, where teams of one to four anglers, along with mates and a captain, competed against each other. 

As a centerpiece, both of these recognition trophies featured a custom sculpture in the form of the WBS logo, which features two billfish swimming around an impressionistic globe. This sculpture sat atop a second sculptural element in the shape of a crown. This sculpture was created using a variety of materials. The billfish was created using resin and fiberglass, the globe from high-strength steel, and the crown from aluminum. For the Angler World Championship trophy, the metal components were plated in silver, while for the Team World Championship the metal elements were gold plated. 

These custom sculptures were mounted on two-tier aluminum bases that were powder-coated in black. The upper part of the bases were in the form of a block, and featured recessed lettering with the WBS Billfishing logotype and the name of the specific award (Angler World Champion and Team World Champion). This lettering was plated in either silver or gold to match the metal plating for that specific trophy’s sculpture. The lower part of the bases will hold the engraved plaques that will indicate each year’s champion. 

The 2013 WBS Billfishing World Championship was held December, 4-7, 2013, at Los Suenos Resort & Marina in Herradura, Costa Rica. More about the WBS can be found on their website at