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Bennett Recognition Award Presented at Winter Olympic Ceremony

A Bennett recognition award was recently presented at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. This Bennett recognition award was utilized as by U.S. Speedskating and the U.S. Olympic Committee for the President’s Award for Lifetime Achievement. This recognition award was presented to Ottavio Cinquanta, the President of the International Skating Union. This unique award was presented to Cinquanta at a special recognition awards luncheon held February 19, 2010, at the USA House in downtown Vancouver. The event was jointly sponsored by US Speedskating and the U.S. Olympic Committee. The unique award "Amber Blaze" was used for this prestigious awards presentation.

Ottavio Cinquanta is President of the International Skating Union and a member of the International Olympic Committee. He has held the ISU position since 1994 and the IOC position since 1996. Prior to becoming ISU President, he was one of the members of its Technical Committee for short track speed skating from its inception in 1975, and was elected Vice President for speed skating in 1992.

US Speedskating is a non-profit organization recognized by the United States Olympic Committee and the International Skating Union as the governing body for the sport of speedskating in the United States. Its mission is to be one of the premier speedskating organizations in the world through excellence in leadership, development and performance.