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World Junior Golf Series Commissions Custom Bennett Award

The World Junior Golf Series (WJGS), an international golf tour designed to showcase the best junior golfers in the world, commissioned a custom perpetual trophy from Bennett Awards for their World Ranking Trophy. This custom trophy will feature the names of the world’s top ranked junior golfers at the time of each of the WJGS tournaments. The WJGS currently features five international tournaments, and this will grow to ten tournaments over the next few years.

For this perpetual trophy, Bennett Awards worked with WJGS to create a custom, handcrafted sculpture award in the shape of the WJGS logo – an impressionistic shape inspired by a golf swing. The sculpture component of the trophy was produced in pewter, and featured both silver plating on some of the sculpture’s planes, and red paint (WJGS logo color) on other planes. The sculpture was mounted on a fabricated silver-plated aluminum two-tier oval base that will feature the names of the top-ranked junior golfers. The complete award stands approximately 20” high.

This new perpetual trophy was unveiled during the latest WJGS tournament, the American Junior, on December 19, 2014, at the World Golf Hall of Fame near St. Augustine, Florida.

The World Junior Golf Series is an international tour structure designed to showcase the best junior players (ages 12-19) on the world stage. The tournament structure shadows the ambitious operational concept of the “Harder German Junior Masters” as well as other highly recognized junior golf venues around the world. The World Junior Golf Series will commence with five international tournaments and will grow to ten in the next years. The new junior series pursues a goal of operating each tournament at “major tour” standards agreed to by tournament directors and sponsors. The World Junior Golf Series will also initiate a new World Ranking System as a result of this international play. Those players qualifying for series play may also apply for a scholarship to the Foundation’s golf academy located at Jacksonville, Florida, that features academic and golf schooling, mental awareness and tips on how to live a healthy life. More information on WJGS can be found on their website at