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Bennett Creates Custom Kinetic Awards for Red Bull

Bennett Awards worked collaboratively with the design firm Smartfish Group to create custom kinetic awards for Red Bull. These sculpture awards were created for Red Bull’s Pay for Performance distributor recognition program.

These unique awards featured kinetic movement as a key element of the custom award design. The primary design element was a set of moveable, interactive gears that connoted teamwork and synergy. The flat center surfaces of the gears were laser engraved with the Red Bull logo and program details. Each gear cog interacted with the other cogs – when one cog was spun, all of the other gear cogs spun in conjunction. Gears were used in the award as a metaphor for the amount of logistics and planning it takes to move a huge company forward. Each gear cog was equally important as the next; if you removed any gear section of the award, the remaining gears would be rendered static.

The gear section of these unique custom awards was designed and engineered using top of the line CAD/CAM software. The gears where produced from 6061 aluminum. Each gear cog was Waterjet cut, and then machined to a garnet tumbled finish. The gear sections were then assembled with pre-designed hardware. Each award comprised 18 parts in total. These sculpture awards were mounted on circular marble bases with a custom vinyl wrapping that included the Red Bull logotype, colors and award recipient name. A thick lacquer was coated over the vinyl to create a ultra gloss finish.

Each award stood approximately 16” tall and weighed about 5 lbs.