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Baylor University Commissions Custom Bennett Awards

Baylor University worked with Bennett Awards to create a new set of custom awards for Baylor’s Golden Bruiser Awards. The Golden Bruiser Awards recognize the top student-athletes at Baylor University each year. Both individual student-athletes and athletic teams are recognized.

This was the second year that Baylor has hosted these awards. In 2018, Baylor University used flat awards in the shape of the Baylor bear mascot (“Bruiser”). For 2019, they wanted to switch to a more three-dimensional sculpture award. Bennett Awards worked with Baylor to create a new, unique, hand-sculpted sculpture award design in the shape of the Baylor bear. These custom sculpture awards were produced in resin, and pained gold. They stood approximately 8” tall, and were mounted on black wood bases with unique, personalized engraved plates.

Baylor 2.jpg

These custom sculpture awards were presented to recipients at an awards gala modeled after the Oscars, Emmys, and ESPYs.