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Lucky Brand "Rivet Awards"

Lucky Brand Rivet Award Copper CO Web.jpg
Lucky Brand Rivet Award Copper CO Web.jpg

Lucky Brand "Rivet Awards"


Lucky Brand, the iconic clothing company best known for their Lucky Brand jeans, engaged Bennett Awards to create a new custom award design for a new employee recognition award program. These achievement awards are called the Rivet Award, and are for a monthly peer-to-peer recognition program at the Lucky Brand corporate office. Rivet Award recipients are associates – at the Sr. Director level and below – who do their job well and also demonstrate positive behavior in their work and relationship with others.

Individuals are nominated by their peers, and HR has final approval of the recipients. Employees can only nominate individuals outside their own department, and only individuals may receive the award – entire teams are not eligible.

A new company recipient is chosen each month. During the “Passing Ceremony”, the current Rivet Award recipient is present to pass it on to the next Rivet Award recipient. Team members, cross-functional partners, and members of the HR and leadership teams are all invited to the ceremony. In addition to the personalized Rivet Award, each recipient also receives a VIP Parking Pass to use for the month they are recognized, granting them access to their own parking space in the company parking lot.

For these recognition awards, Bennett Awards worked with Lucky Brand to create a new custom design that supported the Lucky Brand brand image. The award form-factor for this design became unique, custom-designed medallions. As their centerpiece, these medallions feature a raised image of a rivet – like those found on Lucky Brand jeans. The name of the award – “THE RIVET AWARD” – is featured in raised letters surrounding the rivet. Finally, the recipient’s name, along with the month they received the award, are engraved in the lower portion of the medallions. These unique awards are created in pewter, and have a copper-plated finish with antique accents designed to highlight the raised images.

About Lucky Brand: Lucky Brand knows that jeans are much more than just denim and grommets; they’re a true blue American icon.

Staying true to the rich heritage—and authentic, all-American spirit—of denim, Lucky Brand began crafting great-fitting, vintage-inspired jeans in Los Angeles in 1990. Lucky Brand gave them their distinctively Lucky look by literally putting them through the wringer—ripping, fraying, sanding, patching and washing by hand—to give them true character and soul. Then, they added authentic hardware, personalized touches and playful details, and an American legend was born.

Lucky Brand jeans are made for the free-thinker, the artist, the dreamer; they’re made to dance, work, run, jump, play and rock ‘n’ roll (just like you). Their inspiration doesn’t just come from the rugged workwear of denim pioneers, but from the free spirit and laid-back lifestyle of their Southern California roots. They find inspiration everywhere, from the secluded outlooks of Big Sur, to the old-school tattoo parlors of Venice and the beautiful beaches of Malibu. They reference music, art and photography—old and new—to create truly unique pieces that you’ll wear over and over again. You’ll find Lucky Brand all over America—in 222 stores (and counting)—as well as select department stores and online at

Lucky Brand is part of a select portfolio of lifestyle brands owned by Fifth & Pacific Companies, Inc.

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