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Custom Awards Designed for National Make A Wish Foundation

Mariah Carey, the Jeff Gordon Foundation, and other notable donors were among the recipients of new custom awards created by Bennett Awards for the National Make A Wish Foundation. Bennett Awards created a set of 4 new, unique custom awards designs for Make A Wish for use as recognition awards for different major donor categories. These unique, distinctive awards were designed by Bennett Awards artist Alice Bennett.

One custom trophy design features two dynamic stars – one solid, the other cut-out - being held up by a streaming ribbon. This award is given to members of the Hope Stout Society, who have contributed more than $1,000,000 in cumulative individual giving. Hope Stout was an incredible, generous child who suffered from a rare form of bone cancer. Hope’s wish was to raise enough money to grant every other child that was waiting for a wish in her Make A Wish region their own wish. Hope’s request ended up raising over $1,000,000.

The other three custom award designs were developed for three other major donor categories: 1) the Chris Greicius Society of Strength, which represents over $100,000 in cumulative individual giving; 2) the Chris Greicius Society of Hope, which represents over $10,000 in annual planning giving; and 3) the Chris Greicius Society of Joy, which represents over $10,000 in annual giving.

Each of these three custom trophies is a variation on a common theme: a star profile mounted on top of metal circles. Each circle is engraved with a word related to the donor category it is presented to: Strength, Hope and Joy. As an additional variation, each of the stars features a different finish: silver for Strength, brushed pewter for Hope, and Gold for Joy. The design style of the stars is purposefully innocent and unsophisticated, representing an image that a Make A Wish child might have created. These unique awards are named in honor of Chris Graicius, whose inspirational story started the Make A Wish foundation.

Each of these recognition awards is created in pewter, and mounted on a black marble base. The marble bases are engraved with the Make A Wish Logo, award name, recipient name, and year of presentation.