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Bennett Creates Custom Pillsbury Doughboy Awards


Bennett Awards worked with General Mills to create new custom awards in the form of the iconic Pillsbury Doughboy. These unique awards, called the Golden Doughboy Awards, were centered around a 3D sculpture of the Pillsbury Doughboy figure. This custom sculpture stood approximately 8” high. The sculpture was cast in lead-free pewter, and then plated in a golden bronze. Antiquing was used to accentuate the form of the sculpture. The Pillsbury Doughboy pewter sculpture was mounted on a black marble base with a gold engraved plate.

The Pillsbury Doughboy, also known as Poppin’ Fresh, is the world-famous advertising icon and mascot originally created for the Pillsbury Company. It was created in 1965 by Pillsbury’s advertising agency, Leo Burnett, and has been prominently featured in Pillsbury’s advertising. The icon was originally conceived of as an illustrated animated character, but Leo Burnett instead implemented him as stop-action clay animation. The original model cost $16,000 to develop, and five bodies and 15 heads were required to create different positioning in the ads. The stop-action took 24 shots for each second of commercial time. In 1992, CGI (computer-generated imagery) replaced the stop-action clay animation.