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Sacramento Kings Commission Custom Bennett Sculpture

The Sacramento Kings commissioned Bennett Awards to create a new custom sculpture for their new downtown arena and entertainment complex, the Golden 1 Center. The sculpture is in the form of a replica bronze sign and plaque honoring four local Sacramento kids who worked to help keep the Kings in Sacramento.

In 2011, when it looked like the Kings might move to another city, four elementary school-aged kids started a lemonade stand to help raise funds to keep the Kings in Sacramento. The called their enterprise ‘Kids for Kings.’ The local media and community soon caught wind of their efforts, and the initiative became a feel-good community story that encapsulated the passion and support of Sacramento Kings fans.

After building their new arena, the Kings wanted to create a monument right outside the arena entrance honoring the commitment and drive of these kids. They planted a lemon tree, and, next to it, wanted a bronze sign and plaque memorializing the Kids for Kings effort.

Bennett Awards created a bronze sculpture in the shape of a sign that looked like a lemonade stand sign. The main element of the sign was the sculpted backdrop, which looked like 4 wood planks nailed together – wood grain, bent nail heads and all. On top of these planks were raised sculpted letters that looked like kids’ handwriting, spelling out: Lemonade 50¢. Patina was applied to the bronze sculpture to accentuate the wood grain, nails and letters.

A bronze plaque was also created and mounted below the sign with raised letters explaining the meaning of the sculpture: 

In August of 2011, when it looked like the Kings might move to another city, Gil, Wyatt, Jack and Ron started a lemonade stand to raise money for a new entertainment complex in Sacramento. They called it Kids 4 Kings, and this lemon tree is planted in honor of their dedication to our city and team.