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Bennett Awards Creates Custom Championship Trophy for POWERADE 7 on 7 Invitational

Bennett Awards created a custom championship trophy for the POWERADE 7 on 7 Invitational, an elite high school football passing league tournament. 2016 was the inaugural year for the tournament, which featured 32 top high school teams competing for the championship. 17 of the teams were invited, while 5 qualified by competing in regional tournaments. 

Bennett Awards was commissioned to create a custom championship trophy that would be presented to winning team of the POWERADE 7 on 7 Invitational. Bennett Awards worked with event organizers to create a 26” tall trophy consisting of a life-size pewter silver-plated football mounted on a custom handcrafted black hardwood base. The base featured a sublimated metal plate with the event logo prominently featured.

The invitational was held July 15-16, 2016, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Spartanburg High School won the tournament and received the championship award. Prior to the tournament, the event organizers held a trophy tour, where they took the trophy to each of the 32 high schools so players and fans could take pictures of the photos, helping to build excitement and momentum for the event.