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Quick-Turn Custom Awards

Sometimes, customers want a unique custom award, but have budget and/or time constraints that prevent them from creating a custom award from the ground up. For these instances, we offer a set of “customizable” awards that can be produced for lower price points and in shorter lead times. These awards still offer customers the ability to create something unique that reflects their desired brand or imagery, but still meets their tighter budget and timing requirements. Below, we have outlined some of our more popular “quick-turn custom” options. Almost all of these awards are priced under $200, and some are even priced under $100. Take a look at what we have to offer, and, if any of these options meets your needs, we will be happy to provide you with a quote.


Custom Wood Awards


We can create wood awards in some standard geometric shapes, and then customize them through engraving and/or adornment. We offer the following shapes and sizes:

  • Cubes: 3” x 3” x 3”

  • Pillars: 3” x 3” x 6”

  • Monoliths: a) 8” x 6” x 1.5”; b) 7” x 5” x 1.5”; c) 4” x 4” x 1”

These wood awards can be customized for your requirements in the following ways:

  • Wood Material, Stain and/or Paint: These handcrafted wood awards can be created from a variety of hardwoods - we will work with you to help find the perfect grain for your needs. The wood used in these awards can also be stained or painted to enhance their uniqueness and match your brand imagery.

  • Direct Laser Engraving: These wood blocks can feature unique custom laser engraving on one, some, or all of their sides. These engravings can include both text and laser-appropriate graphic images.

  • Custom Medallions: Custom metal medallions and/or bands can also be affixed to these wood blocks. The medallions can be created with custom images either sculpted (as raised reliefs) or engraved into their surface. The metal bands can feature custom engravings as well.

Custom Crystal Awards

Similar to the wood awards described above, we can create crystal awards using a variety of pre-cut polyhedral shapes. These shapes include:

These crystal blocks can be customized for your organization or event in a number of ways:

  • 2D Surface Engraving: Unique text or 2D images can be engraved on the surface of the award, creating opaque, soft white text or images that contrast with the translucence of the crystal block.

  • 3D Sub-Surface Engraving: 3D images, such as logos, icons, or other shapes meaningful to your organization, can be engraved inside of the crystal block, creating the appearance that they are “floating” inside of the award.

  • Combo Engraving: Crystal blocks can also incorporate both 2D surface and 3D sub-surface engraving.

  • Digital Imprinted Color Images: Color images, such as logos, photos, icons, etc., can be imprinted on any of the crystal block’s flat surfaces. In addition, one image can be printed on the back (front-facing) surface of the award, creating a “backdrop”, and another image can be printed on the front surface of the block, accenting the back image.

Custom Acrylic Awards


We can also create economical custom awards from acrylic. As with wood and crystal, these start with geometric acrylic blocks, which are then enhanced with decorative options to make them unique for your needs. These options for customization include:

  • Embedment: Specific 3D objects or images that are meaningful to your award can be embedded inside the translucent acrylic block, making it appear as if they are "floating" in the award.

  • Direct Digital Printing: A full color image, such as a color logo, can be directly printed on your acrylic award. Direct digital printing can be done on either the front or back (front-facing) surface of a translucent acrylic award. Back surface engraving is often done in combination with embedding an object, so the printed image serves as a “backdrop” for the object. 

  • Laser Engraving: The flat surfaces of acrylic awards can be laser engraved with text or images. This engraving appears as a soft white opaque graphic, creating contrast versus the translucent acrylic.

Custom Medallions


Custom medallions are one of our most economical options for creating unique custom awards. Medallions can serve as standalone awards, or be used to adorn another award form factor, such as wood block awards. Medallions can be customized for your needs in a variety of ways:

  • We can customize the surface of your medallions to incorporate 3D reliefs that are based on an image of your choice, such as a logo or icon. We can customize either one side or both sides of the medallions.

  • We can also customize the shape of your medallions to portray a desired image – all medallions do not need to be circular shapes.

  • Custom medallions can also be mounted on bases to enhance their display impact. These bases, in turn, can be engraved with personalized engravings, adding to the uniqueness of the award.

Custom Plaques


Plaques are one of the more traditional routes to a custom award. We can create unique custom plaques that are far from ordinary, however. Plaques can be customized for your needs along a number of dimensions:

  • Size & Shape: We can create plaques in a variety of shapes and sizes. While most plaques are rectangular, many of our clients have chosen shapes unique to their organization.

  • Wood Grain / Color: Our wood plaques can feature a variety of wood grains, stains and/or colors.

  • Engraving: Almost all of the plaques we create hold an engraved plate with a design and information of your choosing. These plates can be laser engraved or feature full-color sublimation.

  • Adornment with Medallions: Many of our clients have combined plaques with custom medallions, creating a unique award with added depth and dimension.

  • Display Stands: While many of our plaques are designed to be hung, we can also create integrated bases, so the plaques can be displayed on a desk or table.