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Matching Organizations and Artists to Create Incredible Custom Awards

One of our specialties is creating custom awards that are designed specific to our customers’ needs. Since each organization is unique, with its own values, personality, and brand image, it is not surprising that many of these organizations want recognition awards that are tailored to these differentiated attributes. 

When we create custom awards, part of the design objective is dictated by the subject matter of the award. In some cases, an organization may want recognition awards that signify a specific object or theme. For example, we created sculpture awards for Diageo, the owner of the Johnny Walker brand, in the shape of the famous Johnny Walker striding man. When we created a custom sculpture award for Netflix’s “Popcorn” Award, we based it on a popcorn bowl, or course. 

Beyond the subject matter, however, organizations differ in the style of custom awards they want. This style needs to reflect the personality and image of the organization, event, or award purpose. Roughly speaking, there are three categories of custom sculpture awards we can create: 1) realistic awards, that are scale-appropriate reproductions of the image being represented; 2) impressionistic awards, that are more stylistic representations of the object or theme being conveyed; and 3) abstract awards, that are abstract designs that use the general theme of the award as inspiration.

All of these custom award options can deliver beautiful, incredible sculpture awards – there is never a single “right” approach. We are fortunate enough to have a set of artists on our team who specialize in these various categories of custom awards. Some specialize in realistic sculpture awards, others in impressionistic designs, and still others in abstract recognition award designs. When we determine what our customer’s specific needs are, and the style of custom awards that will best meet these needs, we can match their specific project with an artist that specializes in that specific style. We don’t have to adopt a “one size fits all” philosophy. We can ensure that our customers receive the best possible match and expertise for their specific custom awards project.

This unique artist/customer pairing also results in custom awards that stand apart from anything else on the market. The customer provides the specifications and inspiration behind the sculpture award design, while the sculpture award artist infuses the design with their unique talent, ideas and artistic aesthetic. These unique combinations yield wildly diverse award designs that truly reflect the unique nature and persona of each organization or event.